A diverse, friendly, and inclusive community of data science learners and practitioners.

The Data Science Learning Community develops tools and resources to foster the data science community to which we want to belong. Whether we are seeking our first job as a data professional or continuing a journey years in the making, we must all constantly learn new data programming skills to keep up with a rapidly changing world. Bootcamps and courses are often expensive, and it can be difficult to maintain the motivation necessary to learn skills on our own.

Learning together

We organize book clubs to help our community members achieve their learning goals. Our members read dozens of books in small, organized cohorts that meet every week. Learn more about our book clubs, and join us to read a book together!

Helping one another

Our community members also support each other by asking and answering programming questions in our Slack help channels.

Learning out loud

We host a weekly social data project called TidyTuesday, where we share a new dataset each week and invite the data science community to explore it. We have been posting new datasets every week since April of 2018, and we now have about 600 datasets available for download.

Making connections

We look forward to learning more about you on our active, friendly Slack community!